Types of Doula & Lactation Services

Pregnant  and nursing moms ask me what kinds of services I provide. Here is the answer for women in the Pittsburgh area:
— Birth Doula: I meet with moms before their births to help them prepare for birth and breastfeeding, during birth I labor with them continuously, after birth I help them start their breastfeeding relationship and bring them their birth story and birth photos.
— Breastfeeding Classes: I teach small breastfeeding classes and also individual couple classes.
— Postpartum Lactation Help: As a lactation consultant (IBCLC), I help new moms with breastfeeding support and also to overcome breastfeeding difficulties.
— I provide Concierge Lactation help through Shining Light Prenatal Education in Lawrenceville..
— Childbirth Education: I teach HypnoBirthing classes and I’m a gold certified Hypnobirthing instructor..- Doula Training: I teach a breastfeeding class for doulas and other helpers.
— Belly Casts: I make belly casts for pregnant women who want a beautiful memento.
— La Leche League Leader: I am a frequent speaker at the La Leche League Western Pennsylvania’s conferences.
If you are a mom in the Pittsburgh area and I can help you, email me at: teresadoula@verizon.net

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