Client recommendations and comments:

“She far exceeded my expectations.”
“Prenatal – she was supportive and available. During Birth – she was everything I needed and more. Postpartum – she was available and supportive.”
“High point – the fact of achieving a Natural birth even with an induction. This was possible only because of Teresa.”
“What impressed me most was her knowledge base and confidence about birth and pregnancy.”
“She had been a wonderful help in a prior birth – providing much needed encouragement & support for a beautiful labor.”
“Her calm and supportive nature helped tremendously.”
“Loved the great pictures she took from the whole birth!!”
“She provided a much needed extra pair of hands in labor, so my husband never left my side. She was wonderfully reassuring that I could do it naturally!”
“Having a doula is a tremendous asset to all women, whether birth number 1 or number 4!”
“It is more valuable than I ever anticipated. No mother should be without a doula!”

By Teresa Bailey

Teresa Bailey is a master doula in Pittsburgh

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