Placenta Photo Gallery

If you are interested in how a placenta looks after birth, here are several examples. Placentas vary in size. Most are round, but others have visible lobes. When the placenta pulls away from the uterine wall it leaves a wound there. After the placenta is delivered, the uterus starts to shrink, known as involution. This shrinking causes cramps and clamps down on the bleeding vessels of the wound. Often the baby’s nursing will start the involution process. Involution is very good. It keeps the mom from losing too much blood.

baby's side of placenta with some cord showing

baby's side including some cord and some blood

Holding up the sac where the baby lived for 40 weeks.

placenta and sac

mother's side of placenta that was attached to the uterine wall

sac, placenta and cord

These placentas and sacs sheltered beautiful babies. They were their babies’ first homes. They are awesome!

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