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I am always available for Pittsburgh area mothers who need a doula or who need breastfeeding help. Leave a question as a comment on this page for a public answer. Or you can email me.

One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Jerzy Smardzewski

    Dear Teresa Bailey,
    My name is Jerzy Smardzewski.
    I work at Poznan University of Life Sciences (department of Furniture Design).
    I am preparing to publish a book.
    The book will have the title of Furniture Design and will be published by Springer.
    It covers the theme of design and construction of furniture (8 chapters).
    Chapter No 1 will describe a furniture made of wood and stone.
    Your picture (Mother Goddess of Çatalhöyük) perfectly illustrates the problem of furniture.
    Could you agree to use of this picture in my book, please? (of course with your name and surname as author of the picture).
    If yes, can I ask you to send pictures of Mother Goddess of Çatalhöyük.

    Best regards,

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