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Physiologic or Mother Directed Pushing

Here is a short video clip showing two mothers giving birth at home. Both mothers, during the pushing stage of labor, are pushing the way their own bodies are guiding them. No one is telling them to hold their breath for a count of ten or telling them that they are pushing wrong. They are following their own instincts. This is the way we encourage mothers to push in our book: Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way. When a mother follows her own urge to push, she often enjoys pushing and birthing her baby, rather than feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

Tokyo Kid’s Show Breastfeeding Video

Here is a lovely video in Japanese about breastfeeding.


I drink it, my sister drink it too.
My mama’s boob will not become small.
When taking bath, she let me touch it.
Looks like round rubber without enough air.

I drink it, my sister drink it too.
Nothing comes out of my mama’s boob.
Is it sweet? I can’t remember.
It is weird when I want to drink more of it.
So many boobs, so many boobs, so many boobs.
So happy, feels like touching it.

I drink it, my sister drink it too.
My mama’s boob is always big.
If I press lightly, pointing with one finger.
The softness surprise me.

I drink it, my sister drinks it too.
Nothing flows out from my mama’s boob.
Strangely, when another baby is born,
it will flow again.
So many boobs, so many boobs, so many boobs.
So beautiful, I like it so much.
So many boobs, so many boobs, so many boobs.
So beautiful, I like it so much.

DONA Film Clip

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” Dr. John Kennell, 1998. Dr. Kennell is one of the co-founders of DONA International, the doula organization that I have been certified under for ten years. He also wrote the introduction to our book, “Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way”.

Many doctors in Pittsburgh have seen the benefit of having a doula present. Here is a film clip from DONA International about doulas and why we are helpful during birth. It describes how Doctors Klaus and Kennell came to start the doula movement. It also describes why doulas are so important and how a doula can help, you as a laboring mother.

I always tell my mom clients that if they hire me as their doula, their baby will be beautiful. Not that all babies are beautiful, some are not. But all the babies I have helped into this world, just happen to be beautiful! In fact, research shows this to be true. Mothers who have had doula support for their labors find that their babies are more beautiful, intelligent and wonderful than mothers who aren’t supported. I have just seen this happen in my life as well!

Singing During Labor

I’ve just seen a YouTube video of a beautiful home birth. In it the woman sings during her contractions. This is a great idea because many women vocalize their contractions. She does it tunefully while her husband plays the guitar. She makes birthing look easy. The video does show that this is her third baby. The birth looks happy and peaceful, just what doulas always love to see!