What is a doula?

The word “doula” is an ancient Greek word meaning “servant.” And that’s what the doula does for you. She’s your servant when you’re going through the most challenging time in your life—the birth of your child. No matter how many children you’ve had, it’s a new adventure every time. Here are some of the things… Continue reading What is a doula?

The disadvantages of formula

I just got back from taking a lactation review class from Marie Biancuzzo. She really helped me get ready for the lactation exam. I have been pondering the disadvantages of infant formula. Most breastfeeding literature concentrates on the advantages of breastfeeding, but, let’s face it, breastfeeding has been proven for eons. We are mammals. One of… Continue reading The disadvantages of formula

Client recommendations and comments:

“She far exceeded my expectations.” “Prenatal – she was supportive and available. During Birth – she was everything I needed and more. Postpartum – she was available and supportive.” “High point – the fact of achieving a Natural birth even with an induction. This was possible only because of Teresa.” “What impressed me most was her… Continue reading Client recommendations and comments:

Meconium happens…

I am looking for a new term for “terminal meconium”. Meconium is the baby’s first bowel movements, which are sterile.  Sometimes a baby poops in utero. Likely this is a sign that he had some stress. Midwives and doctors are usually careful when they find meconium in the birth waters because they will want to… Continue reading Meconium happens…

Doula-recommended books

Not all books on birth or breastfeeding are equally helpful. Here are some that as a doula, I can recommend to my clients as helpful and easy-to-use references: Birth Books: I’ve written a book with Jan Mallak, founder of our doula group, “Heart and Hands” SM: Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way. It is available now… Continue reading Doula-recommended books

Birth pictures

Here is an album of birth pictures. As a doula, I take pictures at almost every birth. Each birth is beautiful. It is great to see new dads with their baby and moms learning how to nurse.