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Everybody Waits

Lady waits pregnant

Now, as British royalty watchers are waiting for news of Kate’s baby, many of us are waiting for the birth of our baby as well. It seems painful, all this waiting. Why me? Why can’t labor just come already? Patient doulas have been answering that question forever. The answer is: it always seems to take forever. The longest known pregnancies (from an emotional point of view) are generally first time moms-to-be. They have expected their darling since they peed on the stick, many moons ago, and are now feeling like the watched pot that won’t boil.

Apparently, Princess Diana’s labor with Prince William was induced because she couldn’t stand the wait and being watched by a whole country. Hopefully, not that many people are watching your pregnancy, but it sometimes feels like it. In the grocery store, people look at you like the balloon that is about to pop. At meetings, people view you with astonishment and say, “Are you having twins? When’s your due date again?” If you have the effrontery to have passed your due date, people will show you their concern, over and over, especially relatives.

The simple truth to keep in mind is: you will have your baby! In general, it is better to wait than to induce. All women have felt like this, even the ones whose babies were born before their due dates. Each day past your due date greatly increases your likelihood of going into labor. And also, this too, shall pass. Meanwhile, your doula is patiently waiting with you. Give her a call if you need sympathetic support.