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SIDS and Breastfeeding and Mamatoto

Mamatoto: mom and baby are one.

I was just looking at a blog called Analytical Armadillo. She speaks of a meta study in which 19 of 23 studies done on SIDS showed that formula-fed babies were twice as likely to die of SIDS as breastfed babies. A postmortem diagnoses of SIDS means that they couldn’t find out why a baby died. They did see twice as many deaths in formula-fed babies.

I haven’t been able to get at the original study to access it for myself. It is a good hypothesis and it makes sense. ┬áStudies on kangaroo care and breastfeeding are showing us that the mother and infant should be considered as one. Both mama and baby are healthier when they are together. In La Leche League we call it a breastfeeding “dyad”. Some call it a “nursing couple”. In Swahili, it is called “mamatoto”.

We should know by now that mamatoto does better than mama and baby separated. Breastfeeding encourages togetherness. Formula does not.