Happy Easter and Welcome Spring!

hairy bitter cress Easter

This Hairy bitter cress was blooming at Easter.

coltsfoot on Easter

This golden coltsfoot was blooming on Easter


My son and I made fused glass eggs at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Today we had our Easter fun in Pittsburgh. We had an egg hunt and a family dinner. We noted the tiny flowers that were blooming outside and welcomed spring.

Another spring opening is happening, too. Deena Blumenfeld is working with me to start a new and exciting doula group, Shining Light Doulas. I’m going to be the doula coordinator. We’re both very excited to start this new endeavor!






A Valentine

Fused glass made at Pittsburgh Glass Center

Fused glass made at Pittsburgh Glass Center


For Valentine’s Day this year I went with my son to Pittsburgh’s Glass Center. We both made fused-glass Valentines. It was wonderful to do something new and creative with my son. We adore being able to participate in the urbane joys of city living. This is also a reminder to moms, use social media and talk to friends. There are so many ways to feel connected to each other. A happy mom makes a happy holiday!