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New Promotion

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Ellen Huffmyer and I are the newly appointed co-coordinators of “Heart & Hands” Doula Service. We are very excited and happy about this new promotion. We hope to do more to help new mothers with births and breastfeeding and other doula support. We are starting a Beechview Breastfeeding Cafe and a special interest mothering group.

Save the Date for our Homebirth Conference

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“Heart and Hands” Doula Service is having our next conference.

Save the Date! March 24th, 2012 the 12th Annual Family Centered Maternity Care Conference will be at the Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville. Featuring renowned homebirth midwife, Tonya Brooks of The Natural Birth and Women’s Center in southern California. She has caught over 5000 babies, and has devoted her career to making homebirth a safe option for mothers and babies, as well as researching risks and benefits of modern obstetric practice. It should be an amazing, and informative conference.

The Belly Beautiful

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Each child is a blessing and each belly is beautiful. That is the way doulas feel about it. Each belly will give way to a birth story. The pregnant belly is a temporary beauty. It is our baby’s first nest. We get to feel the stirring of our child’s kicks and prods. We get to feel fertile and voluptuous. It feels like spring-time.  Pictures can take us back to that memory. A baby nursing can remind you why the journey was so important.

Changing Curses

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I didn’t used to swear like a sailor, but… As I was becoming a mommy I realized I was going to have to mend my ways. I didn’t want my child exposed to a bunch of swearing, especially my own. I decided to be more thoughtful about cursing. But I wasn’t willing to give it up altogether. Instead, I decided to use my own words. They got me through the need to curse. Most of my new curses came from one of my favorite sci-fi shows, Farscape. The characters were always in trouble and they were on the far side of the galaxy, so they had their own words to swear by. Here are a few for your perusal used in a sentence:

Frell: What the frell are you doing now? (also) We’re really frelled now!

Dren: I’m not going to eat this dren!

Yotz: Where the yotz did you hide my stuff?

Hezmana: How the hezmana do you expect me to do that?

You can try some of these or make up your own. It is OK if nobody knows what you mean, these words are for you. My favorite is from the Dune books by Frank Herbert. When I can’t find  anything else to say, I just mutter: “Shai-Hulud!” That always seems to take care of it.

Lifestyle versus Living Well

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I don’t really believe in life styles. I would rather live stylishly, if anything. My vision of living stylishly would be having a comfortable home that people could feel comfortable visiting, always appreciating the people in my life — especially my family members and creating value with my life. What is creating value? By helping others even when I am imperfect by example. I work towards helping my community and environment instead of hurting them. I recognize day by day how precious our lives are, how valuable. I try to move forward with joy.

I don’t think about whether my neighborhood is esteemed by others because it is trendy. I don’t strive to have people admire my car or my child’s education. Instead I want my neighborhood to thrive, my car to work and my child to become a genius at being happy. I feel truly fortunate that I can make choices about these things and how I spend my days at work and at play. I doubt that I am living a slick or enviable lifestyle. Instead, I am trying to live happily and perhaps, in my own way, stylishly.