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Pregnancy Planning after Miscarriage

A recently published study from Scottland looked into when is the best time to get pregnant after a miscarriage. This study published in the British Medical Journal looked at a large number of Scottish women to see what time interval after a miscarriage caused the fewest difficulties in the next pregnancy. Some of the difficulties include: cesarean births, placenta previa, placenta abruption, induction of labor, preterm delivery, very preterm delivery and low birth weight.

What I liked about the study was that they used a very large population of women. They could do this because in Scottland, the Scottish National Health system reports this information regularly (unlike the United States which doesn’t). So they could just digest the information already being assembled.

The study concluded that the best time to get pregnant after a miscarriage was within the first six months. The pregnancies begun within the first six months after miscarriage had fewer complications.