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Avoid Preeclampsia with the Brewer Diet


Dr. Tom Brewer, who authored the Brewer Diet, has been helping women stay healthy and avoid preeclampsia (also known as toxemia) for fifty years or so. Here is the official website: . He says that the cause of preeclampsia or toxemia is known. It is not genetic, it is diet based. Here in Pittsburgh, we have too many women who suffer preeclampsia. It greatly affects the safety and comfort of their births. Here is the check-list for the Brewer diet.

If all it takes to have a toxemia free birth is to follow the Brewer diet, then what is keeping you?

Help for Morning Sickness

Many moms experience morning sickness during their first trimesters. I recommend Marilyn Shannon’s short book: Managing Morning Sickness. You can get it from the Couple to Couple League’s website. She believes that vitamins, such as B12 and B6  help. Also, keeping your blood sugar even. Her booklet is easy to read and very helpful.  Don’t suffer! Get help!

The Beautiful Cervix Project

Are you interested in what a cervix looks like? Have you often wondered what your own cervix looks like? If you said yes, then visit the Beautiful Cervix Project website. She has brought together many pictures of cervixes, including an entire cycle day by day. As a doula, I was fascinated to see the ever-changing cervix. This is a real public service for women. She also gives instructions for taking a photo of your own cervix. Check it out!

Yoga for Birth

from Siren-Com, Bodhisattva seated in yoga position.

I have had a number of clients whose birth benefited from taking prenatal yoga classes. Prenatal yoga helps them get ready for active labor and helps with strength and flexibility during pushing. I haven’t had personal experience with yoga, but I will soon. Starting in September, I will be attending beginning yoga classes and finding out more about the benefits of yoga. I will not be taking prenatal yoga, but I will find out more about it. If you are in Pittsburgh and can, join me at Yoga Matrika. (photo licensing.)