Happy Spring, Joyful Births!

Trillium Spring


Spring is the time we start to see green again, new leaves, new fawns, baby birds in nests. We get to enjoy wonderful weather and flowers. We often walk along the Trillium Trail and see those wonderful three petaled flowers. For doulas, birth is also springlike, too! We love to see new moms with their new babies. We enjoy helping them into the world and helping their moms become confident mothers. With success in breastfeeding, babies grow wonderfully.

As I walk along and think about the joys of spring. I actually stop and smell the roses. Some are fragrant, others are just pretty. My walking about and seeing the spring renews my spirit and has me looking forward to the next amazing springtime birth. My hope and my prayer is always that the birth will be one that brings joyful memories to the mom and dad.