Watsu in Pregnancy


Watsu is terrifically relaxing and can benefit pregnant women. Jeff Bisdee is the only Watsu practitioner in Pittsburgh. Watsu is water Shiatsu. It is a relaxing type of massage that takes place in a warm water pool. Floating takes stress off a pregnant body and the gentle floating and gliding in the water is very relaxing. During a Watsu, both the practitioner and the mother wear bathing suits.

Watsu therapy is a combination of water therapy and Shiatsu. Sometimes called the “water breath dance”, Watsu therapy involves a focus on deep breathing while the client’s body is moved gently through warm water by the therapist. Watsu uses many of the stretching techniques of Shiatsu. Watsu also borrows from Acupressure, applying pressure with the fingertips to restore the free flow of life-energy.

During a Watsu session, the therapist will move the client through the water, gently supporting the spine and stretching the joints of the body. The water in which Watsu is performed is 96 degrees or slightly warmer, to encourage muscle relaxation and improve circulation.

It has been shown that swimming helps to orient the baby correctly in the birth canal. Watsu, like swimming, can be helpful for aligning the mother’s and baby’s bodies. And, it is fun! Take a look at Jeff’s Watsu website:


I have had several Watsus and if I were pregnant, I would want several of them, especially during the last trimester. Watsu is a relaxing and meditative experience. Contact Jeff Bisdee for a Watsu of your own.