Getting the Sleep You Need

Newborn babies disrupt sleep. So how do new mothers get the sleep they desperately need? Try three things: first get regular naps. Your sleep at night will be interrupted, try to get 8 hours of sleep within 24 hours, not just at night. Second, let someone you trust to call you for nursing, watch your baby while you sleep. Every new mother needs someone’s assistance. Postpartum doulas help some mothers. Family members help other mothers. Close friends also help. Third, try to reduce other stressors that might keep you from sleeping when you get a chance. Don’t try to be perfect, don’t do everything. The baby, recovering from birth and eating-sleeping-getting showers are your priorities. Being a hostess should not be a priority. Keeping your house perfect should not be a priority. Global warming isn’t your current priority. Rest, nurse, eat, recover. Keep it simple.

Getting sleep is a bigger priority than you may realize. The three major factors which lead to postpartum depression are: lack of sleep, hormonal changes and stress. Nearly all new mothers experience all of these. Keeping them manageable requires support. Make sure you get the support you need. It is good to get plan it before your baby is born. Support can be beautiful and sleep is important.