Working Mothers

I am a working mother. But all mothers are working mothers. Even famous moms like Angelina Jolie are famous for their work. Just being a mom is a job and a half. We don’t really have a leisure class. All mothers work, either in their homes or both outside and in their homes. It can be exhausting to be a mom.

My hope is ┬áthat one day we will have a year’s maternity leave the way many other countries do. I often see how difficult it is for a new mom to leave her six-week-old baby to go back to work — because she must. If she didn’t, she and her baby wouldn’t have health care benefits. Before a woman has a baby, six weeks of leave time may seem like enough. After all, if you had a six-week vacation at the beach, you would be looking forward to going beck. But when you are establishing your relationship with your newborn, six weeks go by in an instant. Many mothers feel very torn when they must go back into the work-place so quickly. Their babies need them so much and they also need their babies just as much.

Maybe we don’t want to grant mothers a year-long maternity leave because we don’t really value what a mother does. If that is the case we need to wake up! Mothers are essential and mothers rock! We need to get our legislators to see that.