Doulas — Keepers of the Faith

Because our job as doulas is to support you during your birth, we become the keepers of the faith in your ability to birth vaginally. Most mothers can birth vaginally, but most mothers also give birth in hospitals in the U.S. While you labor, it is very hard to keep your goal in mind and to keep your faith in view. Doulas do that. We believe in your abilities as a birthing woman and in your ability to be a wonderful mother. We encourage you and keep encouraging you, no matter what.

Your partner will support you and cares for you, but probably hasn’t seen as many births first-hand as your doula has. Your caregiver, Doctor or midwife, will be in charge of your health and the baby’s health and your nurse will have to chart. Your doula only has you as a person and as a mother, in mind. Are you tired, scared or just unsure? Your doula will help you renew your determination. She will help you keep the faith, through the work of your labor and ¬†through the hours of your birth. You can lean on her, she will support you.