Year-End Round Up

Here are the reader’s favorite posts for this year:

The first was the three part series on the components of breastmilk. Human breastmilk is a complex and living food. Its benefits are irreplaceable by formula. Women who breastfeed their babies have my support and I hope they have yours as well.

Also popular is an article about why you should hire a doula if you have hired a midwife already. Where I describe how doulas complement the care that midwives give to pregnant women.

Women have also looked at the post of  nursing lying down quite a lot. It is a skill that helps mothers to get more sleep. Sleeping better means it is easier to mother.

I hope the new year brings to new mothers the support they need and lots of laughter while they enjoy their babies. I offer my deepest appreciation to every mother who read our book and liked it. Thank you all!