DONA Film Clip

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” Dr. John Kennell, 1998. Dr. Kennell is one of the co-founders of DONA International, the doula organization that I have been certified under for ten years. He also wrote the introduction to our book, “Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way”.

Many doctors in Pittsburgh have seen the benefit of having a doula present. Here is a film clip from DONA International about doulas and why we are helpful during birth. It describes how Doctors Klaus and Kennell came to start the doula movement. It also describes why doulas are so important and how a doula can help, you as a laboring mother.

I always tell my mom clients that if they hire me as their doula, their baby will be beautiful. Not that all babies are beautiful, some are not. But all the babies I have helped into this world, just happen to be beautiful! In fact, research shows this to be true. Mothers who have had doula support for their labors find that their babies are more beautiful, intelligent and wonderful than mothers who aren’t supported. I have just seen this happen in my life as well!