This is Normal

Two of the main things doulas help with are helping moms to be find their community of support and helping them know when things are normal. As adult women enter their childbearing year, they find more and more things to wonder about. Their uterus expands and their breasts enlarge, their sense of smell is overwhelming and new concerns seem to arise all the time.

What really helps, both before, during and after birth is knowing you are not alone and knowing that this is normal. As doulas we are always reassuring moms that things are normal and that there are other like-minded moms they can turn to. One of my favorite places to suggest is La Leche League. In breastfeeding, as your baby grows and changes, moms need new reassurance that this, too, is normal. If it is not normal, there are solutions to try. All moms want to know they are not alone and there are ways to cope with the changing circumstances. As doulas, we support them in their journeys.