Confidence for New Mothers

My friends who are moms answered this question for me: What is one piece of confidence-building advice that you would give to moms-to-be that would help them enter new motherhood with strength and confidence?

Barbianne Davis: “That we’re all completely lost at first. And I’d say just if you feel like you need to hold the baby the baby likely needs you too!”

Natalie Arnold Blais: “Enjoy the surreal feeling of being out of everyday tick tock of time. I didn’t know what it meant when people kept telling me to “trust” myself, but years later, I think that it means that there are lots of ways to raise your child/baby well.”

Karen Burns Sharif: “The baby won’t remember the mistakes you make, like when you can’t get the t-shirt over his head or you clip the fingernail a bit too close. And those things happen to everyone, and that’s one of the ways you guys become a family.”

Mary Mervis: “Simple. Trust Your Instincts!!!”

Alyson Hollowood: “That regardless of how much experience someone else may have with babies/children – YOU are YOUR baby’s mother, and will know them and their needs better than anyone else. (And that each stage passes so quickly, so that as difficult as one may be to enjoy it, because it will soon be gone, and then you really will miss it.)”

Max Moritz: “No one knows or loves your baby like you do. Be confident in that and you’ll do what’s right for them.”

Ariel Hulvey: “Listen to your baby with your full attention, and to everyone else with a grain of salt.”

Elizabeth Beckner Elgin: “My favorite is a take off from T.Berry Brazelton: You know more than you think you do.”