Medical and Mental Health Issues to Tell Your Doula About

Your doula will help you prepare for the important tasks of birth and breastfeeding and being a new mother. Sometimes mothers don’t know how their medical and mental health pasts can effect their birthing outcomes. Here are some important issues to share with your doula:

  • Previous major surgeries, they can effect you physically and your confidence in a birth setting
  • Previous cryo-surgery or cerclage on your cervix which can effect your cervix opening during birth
  • Previous births or miscarriages
  • previous depression or bi-polar disorder which can effect postpartum depression
  • Past history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse which can be triggered during labor
  • Big stressors that have recently come into your life
  • Previous breast surgeries which can effect breastfeeding
  • Difficulties in getting pregnant

In a private setting, discuss these subjects with your doula. Your history will be part of what effects your birth and how you feel about it. Then your doula can help you choose strategies which will work best for your situation.