Naming Your Baby

How do you choose a name for your baby? For some parents it is easy, others have a tougher time agreeing on a name. ┬áIf you find yourselves vetoing each other’s favorites try these options for breaking the stalemate:

  • Both of you list your naming rules. It is easy to say a name doesn’t feel right, but try to codify why it doesn’t feel right to you. Perhaps you don’t like rhyming names or names that have a common nickname that you don’t like. You like Richard, but not Dick.
  • Each of you enlarge your lists. Maybe your first favorite is on your partner’s no list, but you can come up with some names you both will like.
  • Practice saying the name you are considering fifty times. You will say your baby’s name millions of times. It should still be good for you after 50.
  • Try not telling the name you pick to friends and relatives before your baby is born. If you both love a name, don’t allow others to tell you why you can’t pick it. After you name your baby, your family will love the name. It is the name of their newest nephew or grandchild!

Just don’t expect your doula to help you name your child. Labor is the least conducive time to pick a name you love!