What a Postpartum Doula Does

Your postpartum doula to the rescue!

After your baby is born you will need support.You will be recovering from birth, learning how to breastfeed and learning to care for your new baby all at the same time.  Where will you get the support you need? Some new moms get it from their family: their mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, etc. Some get it from their religious community. Some get if from their friends who are already mothers. Others hire a postpartum doula.

Postpartum doulas are there to help you recover from birth and integrate being a mom into your life. They help assure breastfeeding success. They help you rest and recover and assist you with baby basics. They answer your questions. Many questions revolve around “is this normal?” They bring you meals and do some light housework — usually laundry. They aren’t maids or house cleaners. You can hire a house cleaner for less.

Postpartum doulas help you avoid postpartum depression. They support you as you mother. then they wean themselves away from you and leave you mothering like a champ!