When to Call Your Doula

Ask your doula when she wants you to call her. I like my client-moms to call me:

  • after each doctor or midwife appointment
  • If she has any concerns about how she is feeling or about any test results
  • When her water breaks or leaks
  • When she loses her mucus plug
  • When she thinks she might be in labor (even if she is wrong)
  • After her birth if she is having any concerns about breastfeeding or how she feels

As she gets closer to her due date, I like to keep in closer touch with her. That way I get an overall picture of how close she is to her birth and how advanced her cervical changes are when she starts labor. Then I can usually tell approximately how long her labor will be (without an epidural). When it comes to keeping up with birth cues, communication is key.