Nursing In Special Circumstances

World Breastfeeding Week is coming at the beginning of August. I have decided to join with the Breastfeeding Cafe to celebrate. They wanted to hear about nursing in special circumstances. It seems like I have a lot of stories to tell…

One of my favorites is when my son was about 5 months old and I had started going back to births. Being a birth doula, I never knew how long I would be gone when I left for a birth… Basically, I’d be gone for as long as the birth took. I had to pump my milk in anticipation and freeze as much as I could and hope it would be enough. At the birth I would have to take pumping breaks. The mothers that I supported were all planning to breastfeed and thought it was greatto have a lactating doula.

One of my births was proving to be very long. I missed my son and he missed me. We had enough saved milk for him, but I called my husband in tears to tell him that the birth was going to go for several hours more. It was becoming hard for me to relax to help my laboring mom (client). So my husband brought my son to the hospital. We met in a family waiting room. I held my son and nursed him. We were able to reconnect. It was much better than just pumping. Nursing my own son was therapy for me. I was able to go back into the labor room and finish the birth! Sometimes it is the doula who needs support!